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Post by Squird5 on Thu Jan 28, 2010 9:09 pm

The Head-
The head is the most sensitive of all the body parts, and trashing something’s head usually makes sure that it’s dead. To target the head, a -25% penalty to hit is applied, but damage inflicted is increased by 2. The head becomes crippled when one of its parts runs out of HP, or if it has taken the player’s (EN + 1/20 HP, rounded down) in damage total. Having a crippled head reduces all social skills (-15%). When crippled, a luck check is made by the player. A successful luck check means the crippling is non-leathal, and a failed luck check means the crippling is fatal. Critical hits that cripple the forehead ALWAYS kill the player.

The Eyes-
The basis of most actions, vision is very important in seeing, aiming at, and hitting a target. Aiming at the eyes adds an additional target penalty of -20%. Crippled eyes cause an additional -1 to PE, as well as a -25% to all skills involving vision. These penalties are permanent without cybernetic replacement or a critical success during surgery with the Medicine skill. The eyes have (ENx2/3, rounded up, + 1/40 HP, rounded down) HP.

The Torso-
The torso is the largest of the body parts, and as such it is the easiest to hit. It is also the most durable, which makes it a better choice when armor is good or your skill is poor. Shots that target the torso get no penalty to hit. Damage inflicted to the torso is decreased by 2. The torso becomes crippled when two of its three parts run out of HP, or when it has taken (ENx2 + 1/10 HP, rounded down) damage total. When the torso is crippled, max carry weight is reduced by 1/2. The player also suffers a -5% penalty to ALL skills because of the pain.

The Groin-
We’re not going to discuss this one… but let’s just say it’s very painful to get hit here. Attacks do an extra 2 damage when they hit this part, but targeting the groin has a -35% penalty to hit. When the groin is crippled, it REALLY hurts, and the player is rendered unable to jog, run, or sprint. The groin has (EN + 1/20 HP, rounded down) HP.

The Arms-
The arms are used to perform most actions, and while having one arm can be a lifestyle a player can adjust to with some practice, having two crippled arms can make things VERY difficult. To target the arm means a -15% penalty to hit, and to cripple the arm means a -15% penalty to two-handed skills like Medicine and Big Guns, or a -45% to all skills involving hands if both arms are crippled. An arm becomes crippled when two of its parts run out of HP, or if it takes more than (EN + 1/10 HP, rounded down) in damage.

The Legs-
If the leg is targeted, the attack gets only a -10% penalty to hit, as it is a relatively large part of the body. Each leg is necessary to move properly, so having one crippled will make running and sprinting impossible. If both legs become crippled, the player will no longer be able to walk, and moving is crawling across the ground. A leg becomes crippled when two of its parts run out of HP, or if it takes more than (EN + 1/10 HP, rounded up) in damage.

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